Resource Links

Links to various resources to help you launch a quality podcast:

  • SquadCast (affiliate link) connects podcast hosts, co-hosts and their guests to record studio quality audio from anywhere. They've made it easier for you to have remote conversations without compromising quality. All of your audio (or video... yes they capture video) tracks can be exported separately to give you more flexibility when editing. Click on the link above and use STUDIOPODSF to get $10 of your first month with 7 days free.
  • Captivate (affiliate link) is the hosting platform of choice for StudioPod Media. They have not only made it easy to distribute your podcast, but they continue to innovate ways to streamline the podcasting process.
  • Descript (affiliate link) is the perfect tool if you are looking to edit your own podcast. You simply upload your audio, it transcribes and then you can edit the content by editing the text. Check out an overview below and click on the link to get started.
  • Equipment Packages x BSW - Broadcast Supply Worldwide is our go to audio retailer for outfitting our studio and home recording setups. In partnership with their team, we created three exclusive packages to help you launch a high-quality sounding podcast.

Resource Guide (reference lecture documents in each section):

Podcast Development

  • Podcast SMART Goal Examples
  • Podcast Audience Adjective Exercise
  • Five Podcast Episode Structures - Pros & Cons
  • Podcast Episode Structure Worksheet
  • Podcast Intro & Outro Checklist
  • Podcast Cover Art Specs & Best Practices
  • Building Your Podcast Website

Podcast Production

  • Guest Prep Guide & Templates
  • Recording Best Practices
  • Editing Best Practices

Podcast Distribution & Amplification

  • Writing Podcast Show Notes
  • Podcast RSS Feed Checklist
  • Amplifying Your Podcast (Examples)
  • Podcast Trailer Checklist
  • Preparing to Launch Your Podcast
  • Podcast Metrics to Monitor